Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Let me start by saying, I don’t like green very much, but I’ve loved Rihanna since the day I saw her singing Pon de Replay and green is her favorite color💚. I loved that she sounded different. She was so different from everyone popular during my high school days. Different is my thing. Rihanna being from Barbados sealed my love for her; being Nigerian, my name, the food I eat and my “native” clothes are different. She was always so proud to be from Barbados, it deepened my pride of being Nigerian.

Then there’s her style. Who is more stylish and bold than Rihanna? From her tattoos to her hair to her choice of clothing. Everything looks amazing. Even her eyes are beautiful. Like…omg. The “good girl gone bad” blows us away every time she’s photographed. Really. She’s ALWAYS camera ready. Wow wow wow.

Carefree. What other word could we use to describe her attitude? I love it! She seems to truly be free from the opinions of others. She’s comfortable in her own skin and exudes confidence like none other. Miss Fenty is also rumored to be a very generous person (of course, she’s a Pisces like me).

I bought this green Ankara fabric solely because green is Rihanna’s favorite color, so…I have rightfully named it Robyn☺️.

Get it here:




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