Love (The story of my heartbreak💔)

Right in time for Valentine’s Day, I present to you guys, Love💕❤️❣️Why did I choose to name this bow tie “Love” ? For many reasons, here are a few:

  1. I LOVE red.
  2. Valentine’s Day is around the corner.
  3. It kind of resembles animal print (who doesn’t love that?).
  4. Love is beautiful (much like this fabric)
  5. It was love at first sight when I saw this fabric, despite people saying it was ugly and plain.

Which reminds me of something. So, recently (like 4 months ago or so) I feel in love with someone. (The story doesn’t end well so don’t get your hopes up. Just saying.)

I really can’t explain how or why I thought…(let’s just call this person Gustav😂 because I’m random)…Gustav was so wonderful, but I really did and I actually really loved Gustav (we had known each other for years before attempting to transition) BUT it didn’t work out.  No hard feelings tho. I don’t really know why. Maybe expectations or miscommunications, or…sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. Pretty sad, but I was proud of myself because I made it a point to actually show interest in someone (that’s usually not me).

I would love to say the situation taught me so much, but it really didn’t, the only thing I’ve realized is that sometimes things just happen, everything doesn’t require an explanation. When my BFF asks me why I love Gustav, I can’t really explain why, it just is what it is. When I try to figure out where I went wrong and why things didn’t work…no answers. It just is what it is. The best thing about it, though, has been the motivation. Now I’m so determined to be a success in other aspects, in order to prove to myself that I don’t fail at everything. This was also the first fabric I purchased after our….”flirtationship” was dissolved. Just like I can’t put my love for this cloth into words, I can neither explain, nor put my love for Gustav into words💙

Check out one of our swaggy models wearing it below😎




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