Lia (Beauty from heartbreak)

So, on the previous post, I wrote about Love, aka Heartbreak, the fabric I bought right after Ā things didn’t work out with “Gustav.” The fabric has already been used to make some beautiful things (you’ll see more later). This is my favorite so far.Ā 

I made this bow tie and loved it sooooo much. Some of the most beautiful things come from broken places.



I wanted the most perfect person to wear it, because it represents so much for me. (Mainly me bouncing back after taking this huge LšŸ˜©)

Well, my wish came true when I met a very special, smart and spunky little princess namedā€¦.LIA! Meeting this little angel brightened my entire, previously-dim, month (the WHOLE month was rough), so it was only right I dedicate the bowtie she wore to her. People said the front layer fabric of this bow tie was ugly, kind of like heartbreak feels ugly, but look at the beauty it can turn in to. What do y’all think?






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