Checker Time (Stories from Grandma)

Can you tell my favorite color is red? I love this particular fabric because it reminds me of a checker board. Checkers is a very special game to me. 

As a child, I played checkers nearly everyday with my grandma. When I saw this fabric, I was immediately reminded of those happy times, playing checkers with my grandma in the backyard. During this time, she would tell me stories of when I was born, when my mom was born, why it’s important to be a good person and countless other things. She loved to recount the story of the double rainbow on my 2nd birthday (one of the many reasons she “always knew I was special”), or the way I sat up for the first time in church, how I skipped crawling and went right to walking at 9 months, the way I have been well-spoken since I was 2 and how I prayed for peanut butter and jelly everyday. When I was little those stories were just very entertaining, but the older I got, the more I realized all the stories my grandma told me helped me understand and get to know myself.

When I was a teenager, my grandma reminded me to always be the grateful, outspoken, funny, respectful person I had always been and not allow myself be influenced by the “crazy new things these young people do”. “Baby, you’re better than that.” It’s funny now, but back then, those were the words I needed.

February 6th, my grandma turned 78 (soon I will be 28, we are exactly 50 years apart) and we had to spend her birthday in the hospital. It was bittersweet as every birthday is a major celebration, but who wants to celebrate in a hospital? I was reminded that she is getting older and I should really cherish these days.

Although we don’t play checkers anymore, I can never forget those times. This fabric just seemed wise and special, like our “checker time”. Maybe we should start playing again.





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